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I suppose the most important question at this stage is: What is coaching?

Wikipedia defines it like this:
“Coaching is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns…”

It’s thought the term originated at Oxford University around 1830 as slang for a tutor who ìcarriesî a student through an exam.

In other words: Coaching is the process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be.

You can read the full article here:

Coaching can be a very rewarding experience. It’s great to be able to help someone achieve their potential and go on to do great things. Financially, coaching can also be very rewarding ñ especially things like business coaching, and motivational speaking.

Of course, it takes the right type of person to be a coach, and the ìcoacheeî needs to be receptive to the idea. Sadly, there is still a lot of resistance to coaching in some areas, and it can be a crowded field; nevertheless, it is a growth industry, particularly business coaching.

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